Ayla Bose Huculak


Ayla Bose Huculak

Site Superintendent

What Ayla enjoys most about working for Veyron Projects is the family vibe and supportive work environment it provides. She likes the team approach in everything that they do. Right after high school, Ayla got a job as a framer and eight years ago, joined Veyron Projects to continue her trade. She has worked her way up the ladder to a supervisory position. Ayla is a movie buff, who also enjoys the outdoors. Ayla’s parents are trappers and when spending time at the family cabin, she likes to help lay lines and check traps. Her pride and joy is her 12-year old son and their home is the hangout for all of his friends.

Our Values: Flexible

"Women are angels….and if someone breaks our wings we continue to fly…..on broomsticks. We’re flexible like that."